Call for Papers – po·mo·stroika – Postmodern Theories, Practices and Histories

Open Call for our new conference ‘po·mo·stroika – Postmodern Theories, Practices and Histories in Central and Eastern Europe’ in 17-19 May 2018, Berlin.

po·mo·stroika – Postmodern Theories, Practices and Histories in Central and Eastern Europe
International Architecture Conference and Forum
Balassi Institut – Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Berlin, Germany
17-19 May 2018

Open call for lecturers of an international conference and forum about Post-Modern architecture in Central and Eastern Europe, in Berlin, Germany.

The event

po·mo·stroika – Postmodern Theories, Practices and Histories in Central and Eastern Europe is a two-day event series in 17-19 May 2018, offering opportunity for both professional researchers, architecture enthusiasts and architects to present their work, and international audience to find out more about how the postmodern phenomena shaped our cities, society and consciousness.

The main aim of the program is to create a forum and provide a platform for starting new discussions and breaking the mental barriers behind which the amazing heritage of this era and region is still hidden. Besides the 20-30 minutes long presentations, the event will be enhanced by film screening, workshops and other programmes.

The event is organized by the Budapest-based Translations of Modernism (Transmodern) collective in partnership with the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

Elvarázsolt Kastély01

Ferenc Török, Antal Puhl, Enchanted Castle Competition Proposal

Thematic focus

• regional and national characteristics of Post-Modern architecture, visual and spatial culture, urbanism and design
• the influence and impact of the changing political and societal systems of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1980-1990s
• Post-Modern thinking and practice in today’s architecture, the influence of the Post-Modern movement on today’s practice
• outcomes of Post-Modernism thinking: Post-Modern tools and methods to extend boundaries of architecture through actions, events, performances, exhibitons and design
• alternative and underground cultural and architecture forums in 1980-1990s Central and Eastern Europe
• the sense and use of public and private spaces
• questions of property and posession, debates on originality and ingenuity

What we expect

20-30 minutes long lectures with visual presentations, held in English, connected to thematic focus of the event.

For application it is necessary to send
· a title and a summary of the chosen topic in ca 1000 characters
· the planned duration and the format of the visual presentation (PowerPoint or Prezi recommended)
· a brief CV

Depending on the chosen topic, if necessary, a short visual presentation can also be attached.

Deadline: 18 March 2018

Address: Dániel Kovács, daniel.kovacs(dot)

Concept supervision and finalisation of the program will be overseen by members of the Transmodern founding team: Attila Csóka architect, Szabolcs Molnár architect, Dávid Smiló architect and Dániel Kovács art historian, program director of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

All applicants will be contacted till 31 March 2018. Depending on the number of applications, participants will be supported with travel costs and accommodation funding.

All participants will be asked to give a lecture and participate in the debate with questions and comments related to 1-2 other lectures, based on the summaries.

Rajk-Nagy ház

Bálint Nagy, László Rajk, House in Vance

About the project

Translations of Modernism, Transmodern in short was founded in 2014 with the aim of generating discussion and building a public platform for everyone interested in the collective history, culture and afterlife of Post-War architecture in the former Socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The founders of the initiative: architects, art historians, researchers of the region are convinced that the architectural heritage of the post socialist block is simply one and only in the term that it represents the post-war cultural, historical and economic circumstances of the countries in the region.

After several workshops and meetings in Brno, Cracow, and Bratislava the first Transmodern conference was held in Budapest, in October 2015, with the support of the International Visegrad Fund. The second Transmodern conference took place in Berlin in 28-29 April 2016, with the title ‘Utopias and Realities: Socialist Modernism’.

Bán Ferenc Low Energy apartment house

Ferenc Bán, Low Energy Apartment

Supporters and partners

Organized by the Translations of Modernism collective and the Balassi Institut – Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

Funded by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Hungarian Presidency of the V4 countries and the Hungarian National Cultural Fund. Kindly supported by the Polish Institute of Berlin, the Czech Institute of Berlin and the Slovak Institute of Berlin. In partnership with EUNIC BerlinANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory Berlin and

Contact and further information
Dániel Kovács daniel.kovacs(dot)