Homes of Eight Decades: Exhibition on Housing Architecture of Győr, Hungary

A recently opened exhibition in the Rómer Múzeum – Esterházy Palace, Győr showcases the milestones of local housing architecture. Gergely Hartmann, local architecture historian and a lecturer of our 2016 conference, also took part in the organization. Congrats, Gergely!



The exhibition ‘Homes of Eight Decades’ (Nyolc évtized otthonai) presents the significant dwellings and apartman complexes erected in Győr-Moson-Sopron county between 1910 and 1990. The organizers aimed to showcase at least one significant development from each era, among them, the well-known Modernist block of flats from Sopron, and one of the last so-called ‘panel’ housing estates from Győr-Marcaliváros. The exhibited material contains archive images, digitalized original plans and aerial photographs, made expecially for this occasion. Two photo of the tipical ‘cube-houses’ of Hungary, part of the collection of Katharina Rothers and József Szolnoki, are also part of the exhibit.