The Legendary High-Rise of Pécs is gone

The legendary high-rise of Pécs, once the Guinness-recorder as the highest unnoccupied building in Central Europe, is finally gone. After years of legal negotiations, the demolition of the building, which stood empty for 27 years, was started in Spring 2016 and finished in October.

The 80-meter tall tower, built by a local state-owned company in 1974-1976, was once both a matter of local pride and an important status symbol in the so-called ‘race of high-rises’ among country towns in Hungary. After being finished, the apartments of the tower was used by 700 people, actors of the local theater among them. The construction technology however, based on a reinforced concrete structure, proved to be instable after only 13 years, and the inhabitants were evacuated in 1989. Since then, the tower stood empty, slowly becoming a local symbol of the failure of modern architecture, somewhat similarly to the infamous Pruitt-Igoe complex. The demolition of the tower, greeted enthusastically by a huse majority of locals and mourned by a handsome of architecture enthusiasts, marks the end of an era.

Video of the demolition by Csaba Imre.


Photograph of the original construction of the high-rise. Photo: Fortepan, Tibor Kádas