Socialist Architecture in Bucharest

Sala Palatului, Bucharest. Architects:  H. Maicu, T. Ricci, I. Serban, R. Belea

As part of an ongoing research and exhibition program of the PostModernism Museum in Bucharest, Romania, the exhibition ‘Socialist Architecture in Bucharest’ is on view between 1 March and 1 May 2016. The exhibition presents works from the formerly unseen archive the great Modernist architect Horia Maicu, chief architect of Bucharest in 1958-1969.

Socialist Architecture in Bucharest
Producer: PostModernism Museum Bucharest, Romania
Co-producers: Domeniul Otetelisanu Foundation, Artoteca
Private collection: Daniel Balint

March 1 – May 1, 2016
Address: SWAN Technology Park, Kingston building, Șos. București Nord nr. 15-23, Pipera, Bucharest, Romania

The extensive research exhibition ”Socialist Architecture in Bucharest”, co-produced by PostModernism Museum, Domeniul Otetelisanu Foundation and Artoteca, is based on the never before seen or exhibited all together original documents, drawings, photos, plans from the Horia Maicu Archive, now private collection Daniel Balint.

Horia Maicu (Harry Goldstein until 1947) is a renowned architect, chief architect of Bucharest in the interval 1958-1969, who left his signature on a number of social realism iconic buildings in Bucharest, now still standing and used, like The National Theatre, Casa Scanteii (now the Free Press House) or Sala Palatului.

First time seen, very detailed hand-drawn plans are displayed within the show. Further on, photos and sketches on work journeys of Maicu in Italy and France and series of documenting photos of the enormous building-in-progress sites are revealed in a dynamic panorama in PostModernism Museum’s space. The exhibitional flow continues with the presentation of 6 exceptional video interviews made in 2015 with Romanian (now senior) architects, living and working during the communist Bucharest: arh. Romeo Balea, arh. Alexandru Budisteanu, Mihail Caffe, arh. Emanoil Mihailescu, arh. Sorin Vasilescu and arh. Vintila Savulescu.

The Horia Maicu Archive was discovered by Daniel Balint in 2014 and it was researched upon by Domeniul Otetelișanu Foundation and Artoteca in 2015. In 2016 PostModernism Museum Bucharest makes a research exhibition on the Romanian socialist architecture in its capital, having as study case outstanding selections of Horia Maicu Archive and further produced materials.

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