Video: The Roman Catholic Church of Cserépváralja

The Roman Catholic Church of Cserépváralja, Hungary is one of the first church buildings erected in Hungary after the 1947-1948 Communist transition. The church was the work of the young and successful industrial architect, László Csaba, who was working in a nearby construction site at the time. The local parish of the small village, Cserépváralja contacted Csaba and asked him to design a church building, which they realised via community work in 1959-1961. An interesting original feature of the modernist building was the participation of two well-known artist, painter Béla Kondor and sculptor József Somogyi, for the invitation of Csaba. The local community however disliked these contemporary artworks and later decided to remove them from the interior. The architect, Csaba became a well-known church designer, with such important works as the Hollóháza and Hodász parish churches.

Above a great video of the church building by 6b Studio. Photo: the estate of László Csaba, via Építészfórum.